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Complimentary Consultation

Letís meet and decide if we are a good match. Tell me about yourselves so I can get a sense of how I can best serve you. I will hold your date while you decide and give you first rights of refusal if another couple is interested in the same date.

Planning Your Ceremony

You are invited to have as much input as you would like. I will provide you with vows, ring exchanges and readings that you can consider. From our meeting, and conversations via phone or email, I will draft a ceremony. You are free to make changes and comments. You will have a final draft prior to the ceremony.
Just a note: When my husband and I got married the minister that married us did not respect our requests to refrain from using particular language. It was very disappointing. You have my promise, this will not happen to you.




Donít worry! I will calmly guide you through it. I always have extra tissue. I will remind you to breathe and coach you.

After the ceremony

I will make sure all the appropriate signatures are on your marriage license and that it is filed with the county where it was issued.
In the case of same sex couples, I will issue a signed certificate.

Other services

Vow renewals
Birth Blessings
Home Blessings