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About me

My name is Kimberly Satterfield. I am an ordained minister with a Master's degree in Humanities with an emphasis in religion. I have been officiating at wedding ceremonies, religious, spiritual and secular for over ten years.

Prior to becoming a minister, I was a church wedding coordinator. Many couples who married at the church did so by default. They did not want to get married at the county court and although they were not affiliated with a religious institution, they could not find someone who would marry them their way. I found this very unfortunate.

In the Spirit was born out of my belief in marriage and meaningful ritual. My love of eastern and western spiritual traditions, language, poetry and music provides me with great inspiration, a wealth of knowledge and much to share. I believe that each ceremony I conduct is an opportunity for transformation.


Wow!!! We are just so deeply moved and touched by the ceremony you wrote for our wedding, and for your presence, and the special touch you put upon the whole thing. Thank you so much, we were amazed by how it felt - our conversation, and the time we spent with you, transformed into a beautiful ceremony. We just love the poems, your words, the ideas of incorporating friends and family in a vow of support, our vows and the beautiful hummingbird paper you put them on: what a beautiful surprise! Just all of it really, and the way we could relax about the ceremony and feel very good about it while preparing the rest of the wedding. A & A